BMF Boss Big Meech Has Words Of Wisdom For Rapper Meek Mill

I normally don’t entertain Hip Hop social media beef, but every now and then I step outside my comfort zone. What the hay –right? You only live once.

At any rate, rappers The Game and Meek Mill are currently beefing. The Game insists that Meek Mill ‘snitched’ on him about a robbery that took place of pop singer Sean Kingston’s jewels at a concert some time back. [Click Here] to catch up on the backstory.

The beef has now spilled over into social media — and the underworld apparently, with Big Meech reaching out to Meek Mill from prison via a virtual kite. 

Rappers Meek Mill (R) and The Game (L)

Via Bossip: 

Game surprised just about everybody after the release of his “92 Bars” diss to Meek Mill. Meek has been something of a target after (depending on who you talk to) losing the rap battle against Drake. With Meek and Game being street rappers there’s a chance things could get ugly, which is probably why Big Meech decided to reach out. 

Big Meech, former leader of the notorious Black Mafia Gang, allegedly reached out to Meek to dole out some words of wisdom. Here’s what he had to say:

“I was trying to holler at you for a min[ute] so hopefully I can say something to you that means something before them dudes out there force your hand and make you crash and lose everything out there you work[ed] hard to get,” Meech wrote. “Wanna see you on top successful where you belong not in prison over avoidable dumb shit,” he added.

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#BigMeech calming #MeekMill down 😩

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Shoutout to Big Meech for stepping in ‘big homie’ style to try to squash the unnecessary beef. We need more big homies out there to step in when needed because today’s kids think nonsense is the way to go. (Side note:) I wonder why he reached out to Meek Mill and not both? 

In any case, these rappers have got to stop all this quarreling and put out some hot music worth listening to. The rap game is now a shell of its former self. Social media thugging has become the new way of promoting mixtapes and airing out grievances, and I have to admit, I’m not a fan. I’m from the days where –if you had a problem you would pick up the phone, or as my little brother says, “pull up.” 

Meek Mill also had a message for Game

“U wanna fight? Next morning a diss raps…… Then the pre-order links. THE JIG IS UP YALL GUYS REAL RAPPERS!”

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