Meet The Cowboys Of L.A.’s Compton

Despite being more associated with gangster rap music and a high-murder rate in the past, mainly caused by feuding gangs, Compton was and still remains a cowboy town.

Indeed, the turf war prompted the founding of the Compton Jr. Posse (CJP) that provides equestrian training, among other activities for young children, to keep them from joining one of the local crime syndicates.

The town’s horse riding credentials are more apparent on the weekends when on major thoroughfares across the Californian town you’re likely to find someone like Ivory McCloud decked out in his cowboy boots and hat, proudly riding his horse.

‘I’ve got 40 years in this, man,’ the 56-year-old horseman says exuberantly. ‘My dad was a cowboy. I’m a cowboy. I grew up in Compton. I live in Compton, and I’ve been training horses since I was a kid.’

Who knew Compton was a cowboy town?!
See more pics of the “Compton Cowboys” and read the entire article on The Daily Mail.

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