Bride-To-Be Thinks Fiance Is Using Identical Twin To Cheat

A bride-to-be just six weeks away from her wedding was desperate to find out if her fiance was cheating on her with help from his identical brother.

Convinced that he was ‘switching it up’ with his brother while they partied for nights on end.

“I feel like Stephon helps Shawn cheat on me,” an emotional Keya told show host Maury.

The bride-to-be described how her partner would often not come home til 7am after being out all night.

Asking Maury if he could tell the difference between the identical twins, Keya said:

“If you can’t tell them apart how are these girls going to tell them apart?”

The brothers insist that nothing is going on but Keya found her fiance’s behaviour suspicious and accused him of breaking mobile phones so she couldn’t read them and storing numbers under different aliases.

Keya discovered that her partner, who she was due to marry in a matter of weeks, was also using an app lock on his phone.

An app lock Maury is where you can lock apps like Facebook messenger, text messages, pictures,” she said. “So nobody can get in.”

“Me and my brother Stephon, we do everything together, we’re identical twins, and best friends. But one thing is for sure, he’s not helping me cheat,” Shawn told the show’s producers.

The twins like to play the ‘switcheroo’ in the clubs, but insists it’s all honest.
“I need to prove I’m an innocent man!” he said.

See the video & the entire story on The Daily Mail UK.

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