Indian Woman Eaten To Death By Pack Of Stray Dogs

Apparently there is a severe stray dog problem ravaging some parts of India, so bad that the people are losing their lives as a result of their ferocious wolf like attacks. 

Authorities in Indian Kashmir have poisoned more than 1,200 dogs over the past two weeks after complaints that packs of strays were biting people and chasing vehicles.

According to The Mirror:

The mother, 65, named locally only as Siluvamma, was visiting a beach in Kerala, south India, when the attack took place.

Her son, Selvaraj, went out to look for her and after coming across the dogs managed to flee into the sea.

Since the incident, locals have staged a protest urging authorities to do more to stop stray dog attacks, which have become an increasing concern in the area.

Selvaraj later gave a harrowing account of the incident to local reporters.

He said: “My mother went to the beach at night.

“As she did not return, I went out searching for her.

“What I saw was shocking. She was being attacked by over 100 stray dogs. She was bleeding all over the body.”

Mourning relatives have been pictured outside the family home of the victim since the dog attack.

When her son was able to return to her body, she had her limbs torn off by the animals, The Hindu newspaper reports.

There has been a reported increase in dog attacks in the area over the past few years.

Local politicians have discussed how to tackle the issue, but locals have grown impatient at their lack of action.

One neighbour added: “We have lost all our patience as the authorities are hanging on to some obscure law which says dogs cannot be eliminated.

“Are we inferior to these dogs?”

Wow! Where in the hell are all of those dogs coming from? I guess if we didn’t have animal control here in the States, we might have the same problem. Crazy!

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