WATCH: Malia Obama Gets Her Twerk On At The Lollapalooza Show 

Malia & Sasha Obama have grown up into beautiful young women right before our very eyes. 

When the two beloved daughters of President Obama moved into the White House they were roughly ages 10 & 8 maybe? Well the President has served almost 2 terms so the girls have gotten 8 years older. It’s almost impossible to believe the oldest Obama daughter, Malia is 18 years old and headed for college at Harvard! Boy how the time flies!  

Fast forward to last weekend where the ‘First Daughter’ was spotted (doing what I and all other 18 year olds do/did) at a concert, turning all the way up! Malia got her booty shake on to the set of rap artist, Bryson Thriller.

Check out the video below of Malia getting her t-w-er-k on. Looks like she’s having the time of her life. It’s so refreshing to see her being a normal teenager with her friends. Judging by this video, she’ll adjust to college in no time!

Go Malia go! 

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