Man Mauled To Death By Zoo Lions 

A man believed to have been mentally deranged jumped into “the lions den” at a Chilean zoo and was viciously mauled to death by three lions. His goal was suicide.


Bystanders claim that initially the lions/lioness were NOT in attack mode when he entered their metal cage. It was only after he removed his clothes & began taunting the ferocious felines that they went into predator mode.

The end result wasn’t good & two of the lions were killed by zookeepers but not after feasting on the young man’s dead corpse.

If suicide is what he wanted, then a gruesome suicide is what he got! What a horrific way to go out.

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  1. I’m no big “Animal Rights” guy, but it does seem a shame that two of the Lions had to be killed in the process!! It’s one thing of dude fell in by accident but it was just his exotic method of suicide apparently???

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