Atlanta ATM Dispenses Customers Stamps Instead Of Cash

Ok so, I am rarely ever at a loss for words. 

Currently, I am at a loss for words. 

Can you imagine going by the ATM to withdraw your hard earned CASH and withdrawing mailing STAMPS instead?! Like, huh?! I can’t imagine. Oh the furry.

Peep the story. 

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An Atlanta woman tells Channel 2 Action News that a mistake at a local ATM cost her hundreds of dollars.

Now she says she’s fighting to get back that money.

The woman said she visited a Fifth-Third Bank ATM for cash. But instead, she got $280 in stamps.

Managers told her a full refund could take a month.

“I went to a machine that was provided at this facility and you think you’re supposed to get currency back. And you’re not getting currency back. You’re getting stamps.” 

Apparently, she wasn’t the only customer this happened to. Read more here 

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