D.C. Man Breaks Into Five Guys And Makes Himself A Meal 



Lol! The real life “hamburglar” has emerged! By the way this guy is working the grill he seems experienced. 

According to KTLA.com:

Suevellience at the Irving Street Five Guys shows the man making himself a meal.

A D.C. police spokesperson said:

“A suspect followed a delivery man into the restaurant and waited until the delivery man left. He then rummaged through the establishment, cooked food, and stole bottled water before leaving the restaurant.” 

The video showed him looking through the kitchen and cabinets before cooking himself two cheese burgers. All the while, he’s talking on the phone and sipping a drink.

Read the entire story and see video | Real-Life ‘Hamburglar’ Breaks Into Five Guys, Cooks Himself a Meal

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