Women’s History Month: Entertainment Mogul Mona Scott Young

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I thought I’d start the series #WCM ( Women Crush Month). The purpose of this series is to honor exemplary women who continuously take leaps into uncharted territory turning the unknown into overflowing success. As future womenpreneurs,  it is crucial that we are exposed to those women already leading in their respective industries providing us with guidance and advice. Surprisingly, I am starting this series off by honoring multi business owner Mona Scott Young.  After watching the Centric Mona-Scott-Young.jpgdocumentary Beingon Saturday night depicting Mona’s life journey , I was left with nothing but admiration for Mona as a woman, wife, mother, and most importantly, a boss.

Mona Scott Young is most commonly known for her part in producing the successful TV series Love & Hip Hop. Initially starting as a NY based show, Love and Hip Hop has turned into a TV…

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