Fallen But Not Forgotten: Rest Peacefully, Bankroll Fresh

Read this touching open letter about Atlanta rapper, Bankroll Fresh. Gone but not forgotten.


Upwards of 50 shell casings littered the ground, but despite what you may think, there was just one victim. The reason behind the grotesque violence? Who cares, it’s likely futile; what really matters is who lay silently among those shells.

Trentavious White was 28 and enjoying the beginnings of what would have been a successful career as a rapper when he was gunned down by someone he knew, someone from the same trade, someone who’s lived a very similar life. It’s been reported that the rapper Skooly, aka No Plug was the person who shot and killed Trentavious, aka Bankroll Fresh, but the reason behind the violent outburst is not yet clear.

Most people may not know Bankroll Fresh, but for those who do and for those who have heard his music, you get the idea that this was a guy who was simply using his talent to get out of…

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