Former Death Row Artist Says Suge Knight Is Reaping What He Sowed


2Pac, Danny Boy & Suge Knight -1990s

Former Death Row artist Danny Boy, has come out of the closet woodworks to voice his opinion about his former boss Suge Knight’s current legal woes.

In the video the former Death Row crooner said he felt slightly sorry for Suge but that Suge was reaping the results of “destroying so many lives.”

Last we heard from Danny Boy he had come out as gay and was openly speaking out about homophobia in the rap industry, especially in the 90s.

In a candid interview with Jack Thriller, he confirmed that rumors that he and Suge were lovers, were just that–rumors. In fact, he disputed any Suge Knight gay rumors and said he didn’t get the vibe that Suge was gay. He said at the time Suge was like a father figure to him.

Danny Boy sang the hook on 2pac’s melodic street classic, “I Ain’t Mad Atcha.”

Check out the video:

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