Johnny Depp And The West Memphis Three

Killers Without Conscience

This isn’t the only case I’m familiar with where a famous movie star has taken up the cause of a convicted murderer. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names and in that case, after a year of being released, the killer murdered another human being.  Oops. In this case, the headlines blazed with the case of the West Memphis Three for a number of reasons: it involved a  supposedly Satanic ritual that ended in the murder of three young children; three youths were accused of the murder; and, for several years, Johnny Depp became involved in the convicted youths’ defence against the state. Eventually the case was resolved but in a perplexing legal move that added to the intrigue of the strange crime and that left plenty of room for doubt about the youths’ innocence.

The Murder
West Memphis – Arkansas – May 6, 1993 – 1:45 p.m. A search party was dispatched…

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