Georgia Lawmaker Wants To Reduce Marijuana Possesion To A Misdemeanor 

ATLANTA – A state lawmaker hopes to change marijuana possession from a felony to a misdemeanor in Georgia.

Senator Harold Jones, II, D – Augusta, held a news conference to announce the filing of Senate Bill 254. The bill would change possession to a misdemeanor under state law.

“It’s not just criminal justice reform, it’s human rights reform. And if the prosecutor has looked at all the facts and said this person isn’t selling this. I know it’s a lot, but this person isn’t selling it, it’s for personal use. Why then should that person then lose, potentially, so much?”

The former prosecutor said the consequences of a felony conviction can ruin someone’s life, making him or her ineligible to receive some college scholarships, serve on a jury or vote.

Jones stressed that his bill would not legalize nor decriminalize marijuana and people caught selling the drug would still be charged with a felony.

SB 254 does not limit the amount of marijuana someone can possess, as long as it is for his or her own use.

While many people support the bill, Jones said he has not heard from Governor Nathan Deal on the proposition.

Originally posted on FOX5 News

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