DJ Khaled Robbed Of $80K After He Accidently Snapchats His Black American Express Card Number

DJ Khaled made a big costly mistake on Snapchat, all in the name of the flex.

He did the unthinkable and flashed his American Express Black Card on Snapchat and lost about $80k in roughly 30 seconds.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and this is just. Another one,” said Khaled in another interview with Snapchat

‘Users’ (no pun intended) took his limitless AMEX card number and immediately started making purchases. 

Khaled is now taking it straight to the law enforcers and says he will file a law suit to Snapchat to locate the unauthorized buyers.

“People who bought something with my card. All purchases are trackable and you will be arrested. Congratulations, you played your self.” 

Umm– the jury is still out on exactly who got “played” here, Khaled. Smh! 

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