16 Year Old Atlanta Girl Robbed And Shot For A Hoverboard


In addition to the hoverboards being fire & safety hazards, apparently kids are robbing & killing for them as well! 

Check out this ridiculous story in which a 16 year old girl was shot over a hoverboard riding home from the store.

I’ll assume the robbers were kids. SMH!

Join the discussion. 


A 16-year-old Atlanta girl was robbed and shot for her hoverboard.

According to FOX5 News the teenager and a friend were walking home from the convenience store  when and were followed by two would be robbers.

The girl and the friend they tried to slam the front door on a robber, and even threw the hoverboard at them; the robber fired a shot and struck the girl in her lower back.

According to a friend, the teenager is in good condition. 

“It’s crazy. Over a hoverboard. Really?” said Sherica Davis, who came to pick her daughter up from the crime scene.

The authorities searched around the area with a helicopter for the suspects.

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