New Orleans Couple Robbed & Raped By Savage The Day After He Shot A Med Student Who Thwarted Kidnapping Attempt


It’s not many stories that can completely shake me up and leave me sitting in a pool full of drool –in complete & utter awe. 

Insert this one. 

As I was reading this story I couldn’t believe what I was actually reading. Call this guy a savage. A bonifide thug criminal menace. 

Not many people and things scare the living hell out of me but these kinds of people do. These are exactly the kinds of monsters I DO NOT want walking the streets with me and my loved ones! SMH!

Peep this crazy ass story from Bossip:

A man already linked to one of the most heartless crimes possible is accused of committing an equally heinous crime the following day, when he allegedly raped a couple at gunpoint then stole their car and used their credit card. 

NY Daily News Report:

A New Orleans man raped a couple at gunpoint the day after he tried to kill a Tulane University medical student who broke up a kidnapping.

Police said Euric Cain, 21, jumped into the couple’s car around 3 a.m. Nov. 21 then raped the woman and forced the man to perform oral sex on him, The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported. Afterwards, he ordered them out of the car and drove away, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

Police said Cain put a gun to the couple’s heads and demanded they fork over their cash and credit cards after he got into the vehicle at St. Philip and Henriette Delille streets in the Treme neighborhood. He then commanded the woman to drive to an abandoned school parking lot about four miles away in the Desire area, according to cops.

He sexually assaulted the couple in the back seat and then told them he would kill them if they alerted police, according to arresting documents cited by WVUE-TV.

Detectives later found their Ford Focus in Cain’s possession when he was cuffed and linked him to DNA evidence recovered from the car, the documents said. Investigators also traced a credit card purchase with one of the victims’ cards to a store where surveillance footage showed Cain using the card.

Savage is not even remotely befitting enough to describe this brazen homicidal deviant. At only 21 years old he could potentially have decades of crime time ahead of him.

Not to mention the story GETS SO MUCH WORSE!!! 

Check out Bossip to continue reading about his horrifying crime spree the night before in which he shot & blatantly tried to execute a medical student who attempted to stop him from kidnapping another woman. –And wait, THERE’S SURVELLIENCE of the whole entire thing! 

Then after the robbing & attempted kidnappings AND MURDER, he casually jumps in a vehicle (probably stolen) and drives off where he went and holed up with his underage(17) girlfriend (who was eventually arrested for harboring a fugitive). 



The only solace here is that Mr Cain will likely face all of his crimes, demons & transgressions in prison. Hopefully the guys will do to him what he did to these people. Except it’ll be everyday.  

What kind of sick shit is he on? Raping a COUPLE?! –Unbelievable.

See the video on Bossip

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