DC Police Officer Challenges Unruly Teen To Danceoff 

Via Fox 5 DC– It all started with a fight between two groups of teenagers. In the end, it turned into a dance-off between a D.C. high school student and a D.C. police officer that helped defuse a tense situation.

According to the Washington Post, the fight happened Monday afternoon on K Street in Southwest D.C. and was broken up by officers. A few minutes later, a female officer arrived to disperse the crowd that was still hanging around the area.

Aaliyah Taylor, a 17-year-old student at Ballou High School, walked up to that officer and started dancing to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” that was playing on her phone.

What happened next was an epic dance battle that helped lighten the mood and eventually got everyone to leave the area afterwards.

“Instead of us fighting, she tried to turn it around and make it something fun,” Taylor told the Washington Post. “I never expected cops to be that cool. There are some good cops.”

The Washington Post reports the dancing officer has been with the Metropolitan Police Department for about three years and recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

I must say its kind of refreshing to see this officer using a different tactic– other than force– to fight crime, and the kids seemed receptive to it. Right on.

Read more and see the video of the now infamous “dancing officer”. 

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