RushCard Customer Service Reps Hanging Up On Customers; Locking People Out Of Accounts

This RushCard debacle is extremely badddd for Russell Simmons’ business and honestly makes him look bad. While Russell may have done nothing personally, the card carries his name & brand. 

Everybody knows the worse thing you can do is play with people’s money–especially on pay day. The RushCard “glitch” that is keeping folks away from their hard earned cash is reeking havoc throughout social media. 

The PR cleanup is already in full effect but evidently customers aren’t buying the efforts being put forth by UniRush LLC, the parent company of RushCard services. 

Judging by the hundreds of venomous tweets & Facebook status updates, people just want their money! –and I can’t say I blame them!

Peep the story below on Fortune and sound off in the comments section!

Via Fortune– Users of RushCard, the prepaid debit card founded by hip-hop mogul and DefJam co-founder Russell Simmons, have been complaining all across Twitter that they’ve been locked out of their accounts, that their accounts are suddenly showing $0 balances, and that they aren’t getting any answers from customer service.

Some people haven’t had access to their payday money in a week.

Read more about the Rush Card lockout (and see tweets from angry customers) on Fortune



  1. I have been a member with rushcard since they launch back in 2007 and this by far have been the worst experience I have not been able to access and money off of my card in the less two weeks and had to change direct deposit to another bank. My current payroll deposit say that it was posted to the account but it tell me that I only have seven dollar don’t no how I getting to work this week are be able to feed my kids are pay bills



    1. Wow Tera that is terrible! My heart bleeds for you and all affected by this situation. It’s actually kinda unreal that it hasn’t been fixed. I hope you will keep me posted on the outcome!

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