Aussie Mom Blogger Charged For Injecting Ill Child With Urine And Laxatives For Blog Views


A woman who blogged about her family life and chronicled her daughter’s “rare genetic disorder” has been charged with poisoning her own kid for blog views. 

The woman can’t be named for legal reasons and her site has since been pulled from the internet. ABC News Australia reports that during a 24-hour period around March 11, a mixture of yeast and fungus grew in one of the tubes that made up the daughter’s venous line, in a way that indicated contamination by urine. 

Police allegedly found syringes, urine samples and laxatives in the woman’s handbag and investigators believe they have medical evidence going back to 2008. Police will use this as evidence against the mother.
During the period in which the mother documented her daughter’s hospital visits, the two gained recognition from several charities and even had large posters of the child lining the local airport.

Wow! The things people do for attention! Hopefully the kid will be ok. SMH!

Source | Bossip 


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