What Does Steve Jobs’ Widow Have Against ‘Steve Jobs’?


Laurene Powell Jobs reportedly pressured Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale and every studio in Hollywood to not make the movie.

She must have had a change of heart.

Steve Jobs’ widow encouraged Walter Isaacson to write the book on which Steve Jobs—the movie that opened Friday in New York and Los Angeles—is loosely based.

“If you’re ever going to do a book on Steve,” Laurene Powell Jobs told Walter Isaacson in 2009, “you’d better do it now.”

Isaacson, the author of biographies of Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin, and Albert Einstein, had been invited by Jobs to write his. Isaacson had demurred. Not now, he told Apple’s co-founder and CEO. Maybe in a decade or two, when you retire.

But Jobs was ill—more ill than Isaacson knew. Jobs had just taken a second medical leave to deal with the spreading cancer that would kill him in 2011. His wife, who knew Isaacson from Teach for America, where they both sat on the board of directors, also knew that his time was short.

“[She] did not request any restrictions or control, nor did she ask to see in advance what I would publish,” Isaacson writes. “In fact she strongly encouraged me to be honest about his failings as well as his strengths.”

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