Young Jeezy Says He’s The ‘Father of Trap Music’

With unmistakable resolution in his voice, yet without the slightest trace of arrogance, multiplatinum rap impresario Young Jeezy proclaimed to the overflowing crowd in the Loudermilk Conference Center, in his signature baritone, that he is the “Father of Trap Music.” 

Speaking with former Huffington Post commentator and BET social critic Marc Lamont Hill, Jeezy touched upon a multiplicity of topics during the one-hour chat, including his new album, Church in These Streets, the concept behind the rapper’s new single, “GOD,” the Ferguson riots, police brutality and the #BlackLivesMovement that swept the county in a fury.
In discussing the album that comes out on the 10th anniversary of his entry into the business Jeezy said, 

In a world where everyone is bringing us down as a culture, I want to uplift us because Gods don’t kill Gods, we just speak highly of each other.

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