Rapper Bushwick Bill Of The Legendary Geto Boys Working On Documentary

The legendary Geto Boys group was one of the first southern rap groups me & my cousins listened to repeatedly during the 90s. 

I vividly remember my cousin saving all of his money to purchase the “We Can’t Be Stopped” album which featured the classic banger “Mind’s Playin’ Tricks On Me”.

I knew “My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks On Me” word for word. It was actually one of the first gangster rap songs I learned, especially Bushwick Bill’s verse..

This year Halloween fell on a weekend

Me and Geto Boys are trick-or-treatin’

Robbin’ little kids for bags

Till an old man got behind our rags

So we speeded up the pace

Took a look back, and he was right before our face

He’d be in for a squabble no doubt

So I swung and and tried to take him out

He was goin’ down, we planned

But this wasn’t no ordinary man

He stood about six or seven feet

Now, that’s the creep I’d be seein’ in my sleep

So we triple-teamed on him

Droppin’ them 5th ward B’s on him

The more I swung the more blood flew

Then he disappeared and my boys disappeared too

Then I felt just like a fiend

It wasn’t even close to Halloween

It was dark as death on the streets

My hands were all bloody from punchings on the concrete

G- damn, homie

My mind is playin’ tricks on me

Bushwick Bill is iconic not only for his nasally punchline filled ghetto rhymes, but also his tiny stature –that of a midget, not seen often in entertainment, especially hip hop. 

The diminutive hood rapper commanded our attention and became a southern staple in rap as he spit hood chronicles over melodic beats beside other legendary Geto Boys members, Scarface & Willie D.

We Can’t Be Stopped is the third studio album by Geto Boys, released in 1991. It was among their most successful records in terms of units sold. .

According to his camp, Bushwick is currently  producing a documentary chronicling his life as part of one the South’s biggest pioneering rap groups, as well as other aspects of his life as a ‘Geto boy’. 

Will you watch? 

Read More and see a preview to the documentary. 


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