Book Sales Hang On As eBooks Wither


Remember a few years ago how everyone thought that what happened to CD’s would happen to books, that digital replacements would basically kill those formats?

While that has happened to a large extent in music, (where last year physical CDs generated 32% of industry sales compared to 37% for downloads and 27% for streaming, according to the Recording Industry Association of American), in publishing, print books are holding steady in comparison.

In the first five months of 2015, publishers’ revenues from e-books sales fell 10% to $610.8 million, according to the Association of American Publishers, compared to a 2.3% drop in print book sales in the fiction, non fiction and religious categories (that the industry calls trade books.) Some of that relative decline might be explained by e-book prices that have risen: many people still prefer the tactile pleasure of a physical book and will choose that over a digital…

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