Costco Customer Punches 78-Year-Old Man In The Face For Eating All The Nutella



Costco Shopper Punches Old Man In The Face Over Nutella Waffle Samples

Everybody likes samples at the grocery store, unfortunately for one older gentlemen, his love of samples resulted in his assault.

Derrick Gharabighi was being a greedy f*** and taking copious amounts of Nutella waffles from the sample station inside a Burbank, California Costco. A 78-year-old man also wanted a few of the delicious hazelnut-flavored snacks and reprimanded Gharabighi for taking so many.

That apparently upset Mr. Gharabighi and he punched the geriatric gentleman in the face which caused a cut and significant swelling under his left eye.

The local authorities came, awarded douchebag Derrick a shiny pair of stainless steel bracelets and took him to a private suite complete with bars and a heavy duty lock.

Image via Costco

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