Maynard Documentary Moves Into Initial Phase Of Filming

Atlanta Daily World

MaynardThe motion picture cameras of Sam Pollard, documentary movie director extraordinaire, are moving quietly through Atlanta capturing the voices and images of Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery, Vernon Jordon, former Ambassador/Congressman/ Mayor Andrew Young, and others  as they speak their opinions about Atlanta’s first African American Mayor, Maynard Jackson.

The theatrical documentary about the person and legacy of Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr. will tell the story of the man, the politician, and the game changer; and will strive to answer the question: “How did Maynard do it?”  Mayor Jackson was known as a charismatic and compassionate leader who served a record three terms as Atlanta’s mayor. Among his many successes, he earned his place in Atlanta history books for building the world’s busiest airport and for leading the affirmative action charge across these United States.   The objective is to tell the Maynard story that details his life and to motivate other…

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