Rapper Snoop Dogg Promotes New Weed Website


Rapper Snoop Dogg is doing something familiar to many entrepreneurs: taking a personal passion and turning it into a business.

On Monday, the musician unveiled his new venture, Merry Jane, a website for all things cannabis. It will feature articles about various marijuana strains, accessories, and pop culture, as well as provide information and tools for people who want to open a cannabis business.

Snoop Dogg’s appreciation, if you will, for smoking pot is well-known. With the website, he’s taking it to another level.

Of course, Merry Jane, created with media entrepreneur Ted Chung, is not the first of its kind. Companies like Leafly and WeedMaps have been providing consumers with information about their local dispensaries and the marijuana strains they carry for some time. Meanwhile, Marijuana.com, which WeedMaps acquired in 2011, has been described as a “Pinterest for Cannabis” for mixing content created by its users about accessories…

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