Rikers Island Inmate Brutally Beats Female Corrections Officer


Rikers female officer

Rikers Island Inmates Leaves Corrections Officer Bloodied And Bruised


Last month, a Rikers Island inmate Jessy Blount beat the brakes off of a corrections officer Elizabeth Sturdivant and left her with two black eyes and a mess of bruises a la Rihanna according to NYDailyNews

A Rikers Island inmate severely beat a jail captain last month, leaving her bruised and with two black eyes.

Ironically, the beating began when Sturdivant was giving Blount a citation for beating up

The criminal complaint filed against the Blount quoted him as a saying “I’m going to forget you are a female and knock you out,”

Says Sturdivant’s rep:

“Again we have somebody beaten by an inmate and our hands are tied,” said Patrick Ferraioulo, president of the Correction Captains Association, which represents Sturdivant. “It’s only going to get worse. People are afraid to defend themselves.”

The Correction Department has changed its…

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