$1 Million Dollar iPhone Hacks


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

The cybersecurity firm Zerodium announced on Monday that it will reward $1 million to anyone able to crack Apple’s [fortune-stock symbol=”AAPL”] recently launched iOS 9 operating system, which the startup’s website claims is “the world’s most secure mobile OS.”

“Apple iOS, like all operating system, is often affected by critical security vulnerabilities, however due to the increasing number of security improvements and the effectiveness of exploit mitigations in place, Apple’s iOS is currently the most secure mobile OS,” the company stated in its blog post. “But don’t be fooled, secure does not mean unbreakable, it just means that iOS has currently the highest cost and complexity of vulnerability exploitation and here’s where the Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty comes into play.”

Zerodium was founded this past summer by Chaouki Bekrar, a well-known merchant of zero-day exploits—or computer code that attacks previously unknown…

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