Boston Transit Officer Under Investigation After Beating Black Woman, Pulling Gun On Witnesses

Atlanta Daily World

An officer with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Department has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation after a video emerged of him beating a Black woman on a bus and pulling his firearm on witnesses recording the incident.

The now-viral video was uploaded to Facebook by Nino Brown, an organizer for the group Mass Action Against Police Brutality, last week. In the disturbing footage, taken in Roxbury last Friday, you can hear the 24-year-old organizer and others attempting to de-escalate the situation by telling the officer to put his weapon down.

“He ran up to her, and began barking in her face,” Brown told the Boston Globe in a telephone interview. “He didn’t do anything to de-escalate the situation or calm her down. He escalated the situation. I was scared,” Brown said. “Everyone was shaken up.”

Brown said about five officers boarded the bus, with their hands…

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