Blading to the Hamptons With ‘Uber for Helicopters’


Rob Wiesenthal, CEO and founder of Blade, the Uber for helicopters, would like you to know that Blade is not a luxury product. He insists upon it. Summoning a helicopter to fly you to the Hamptons by tapping your iPhone is for the masses. Words like “VIP” and “jetsetting” are banned at the company, he says.

He offered proof of this assertion at Blade’s lounge on 34th Street in Manhattan, one of three on the island. Located beneath FDR Drive and next to a parking lot, the Blade lounge comprises one half of a trailer, which it shares with another private helicopter company.

Even though Blade’s helicopters have the two-year-old startup’s logo emblazoned on their bodies, they aren’t luxurious, Wiesenthal argues. “There are six people in there. People are like this [he makes a cramped motion]. It is not a luxurious experience. You’re sitting in a trailer right now,” he…

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