Stockton Police Strike A Teenager With Baton And Arrest Him For Jaywalking [Video]


Stockton cop hits teen with baton for jaywalking

Stockton, California Police Hit Teen And Arrested Him For Jaywalking

Police are just about the most terrifying people in the U.S. right now. Whether right or wrong, its only natural that folks are more likely to be skeptical of an officer’s intention when being arrested for minor violations.

That leads us to this story…

Via CBS-SanFran

A YouTube video posted Wednesday shows a Stockton Police officer hitting a teenager with a baton after he was allegedly stopped for jaywalking.

The video, posted by YouTube user Edward Avendaño under the username “Stockton Port City” starts with a bystander repeatedly yelling “It’s a f***ing kid” as an officer is seen using his baton to push a teenager into a landscaped perimeter.

The teenager pushes back as the officer and yells, “Stop resisting arrest!” while a crowd gathers. The teenager then grabs the officer’s baton, yelling “Get the f**k off me.”

The officer…

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