Argentina Lifts Ban On Gay Men Giving Blood


Argentina ended its ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood on Tuesday, a decision that may have an impact on countries like the U.S. that still restrict blood donations from men who admit same-sex relationships.

Health Minister Daniel Gollán said the decision was “scientifically and technically accurate,” Slate reports. Gay rights advocates in the country had been trying to change the ban for 15 years.

Bans against gay and bisexual men donating blood have been commonplace in many countries, the United States included, since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. However, a small number of countries like Italy and now Argentina have changed their laws so that donor acceptance is based on overall risk rather than sexual orientation. For instance in Italy, everyone —men and women— is assessed on their sexual risk, and those who have been tested and are determined to have safe sexual practices can donate.

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