New ‘DPG 4 Life’ Film Coming Soon  

Dillinger was joking about his DPG 4 Life biopic following the Straight Outta Compton wave, prepare to be surprised. The tireless one-half of Tha Dogg Pound has been especially active on social media as of late and he’s been revealing some key components to the biopic. Such as the actors who are set to play Tupac Shakur, Nate Dogg and Suge Knight in full costume. 

“F*c what they talking bout…,” Daz captioned in a message to all his recent critics. “Tell that to the ones who’s making a film who wasn’t there…I call ’em bootleggers. I was there…I know what it [supposed] to look like and sound like. Remember I’m still alive and I’m the music producer to ‘Ambitionz [Az A Ridah]” and ‘[I Ain’t] Mad @ Cha,’ so f*cc ya,” he said, adding a “LOL” at the end.

The latter two references were to the O.G. rapper’s contributions to 2Pac’s diamond-selling All Eyez On Me album. In a separate Instagram post, Daz was adamant that DPG 4 Life is not a sequel to Straight Outta Compton.

As for the casting, the actors have since been revealed as DaDa as Tupac Shakur, Azad Arnaud (an apparent relative of Daz, whose real name is Delmar Arnaud) playing Daz Dilli, Reggie Noble (no, not that Reggie Noble) as Suge Knight, Melvin Jackson Jr. as Kurupt Young Gotti, and Curtis Young Jr. taking a page out of the Straight Outta Compton script and portraying his own father, Dr. Dre. Some unnamed “homey” has also been nabbed to play Nate Dogg.

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