LAPD Says ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Portrayal Puts Them At Potential Risk For Violence 

Legendary rap group NWA is still making headlines and causing controversy years after their debut album hit the streets in the late 80s.

Apparently some LAPD officers are livid over the release of the Universal biopic “Straight Outta Compton” that follows the rise and fall of legendary Los Angeles rap group NWA. The movie emphasized how the group responded to the Rodney King beatings in 1991 and how they challenged white police brutality.

Former Los Angeles City Councilman and former LAPD officer Dennis Zine says, “It’s a terrible time to release a movie like this. It adds fuel to the fire for hating cops.” Some LAPD officers specifically blame Universal Studios for releasing a movie like this during such fragile times between peace officers and the communities they are trying to protect. They say that the movie company is only looking to seek profits from otherwise tragic events.

Despite the fact that many LAPD officers strive to constantly repair the relationships that former police officers have established in disenfranchised communities, the fact that movements like #blacklivesmatter exist is testament to the work that needs to be done. Perhaps what LAPD doesn’t understand is that when Ice Cube shouts “F*ck tha Police”, it is in response to police violence, not encouraging others to take violent actions against police. LAPD should understand that peace is our mutual goal.



  1. Oh cry me a river. The cops have been getting away with murder for years & years. Sadly Mr King eventually passed away but his emotional scars were inevitable from the beating he took at the hands of the police!



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