Jury Watches Sex Tape Posted Online Of Rapper Rick Ross’ Baby Mother Allegedly By Rapper 50 Cent

NY DAILY NEWS — A screen shot from the sex tape of Lastonia Leviston that 50 Cent is accused of distributing illegally. Jurors in the lawsuit against 50 Cent watched the video during court proceedings. Photo: This is 50/Straight From the A

A Manhattan jury sat stone faced but clearly uncomfortable Friday when forced to watch a graphic 13-minute sex tape that 50 Cent is accused of posting on the Internet.
“That’s your b—h, n—-,” Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson says in a voice overlay as he narrated the private film that features rival Rick Ross’ former girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, and her then-boyfriend Maurice Murray.

Leviston has sued Jackson in Manhattan Supreme Court claiming she did not give him permission to publish the tape and he violated her right to privacy and inflicted emotional harm as a result.

Leviston, 36, left the large paneled courtroom with her aunt as the tape was about to be shown.

In the film, Leviston starts wearing lace panties, a silk short wrap and very high heels. Murray is in a T-shirt and short white socks.

While the rest of their clothes come off, the couple never loses their footware.

50 Cent as “Pimpin’ Curly” Photo: This is 50

The Queens-born rapper appears on the tape in his role as “Pimpin’ Curly” in a curly wig and a high-pitched voice. However, Jackson narrates the film in such detail like a baseball broadcaster and so fast that he added a text subtitles so viewers could clearly catch all the times he taunted Ross.

Leviston and Ross broke up in 2004. The tape was made in 2008. But Jackson’s narrative suggests they’re still a couple when the tape was made and Leviston is cheating on Ross.

“Tia (the mother of another Ross baby) told me Ricky got a little d–k,” Pimpin’ Curly cackles.

Throughout the 13-minute film, the young jury forewoman mostly kept her head buried in her notes as she scribbled furiously.

A middle aged juror mostly looked distressed and wiped her eye at one point. The sixth juror sat with her arms crossed and her body pivoted away from the big screen.

The jury is composed of four women and two men, the latter a retired supervisor from the city Human Resources Administration and a college professor who teaches art.

Leviston who lives in Florida is due to take the stand next week. It’s unclear when Jackson will testify.

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