A Tale of Two Extraditions: “Dudus” Coke and Luis Posada Carriles


In the following article, Saul Landau, provides excellent background on Coke, alleged drug kingpin from Jamaica, and Luis Posada Carriles, the perpetual Cuban exile terrorist, making the point quite clearly that, when it comes to extradition, these guys were treated very differently. 

The reason the US will never extradite Posada Carriles or try him in a US court on substantive charges is because he has more damaging information  on the US government than most CIA directors.  Posada has been working for the CIA for over 45 years.  In fact, the Cuban exiles in Miami have always been the US’ “go-to” guys” for the most vile, murderous, regime-changing operations ever conducted by the CIA.  It is assumed that Posada and the US came to an understanding years ago that if the US ever tried to conduct a serious prosecution against him, he would sing like a bird. 

Posada landed on the US’ doorstep in 2004 via a circuitous route of terrorist attacks and…

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