Thief Hops Rite Aid Counter And Steals Bottles Of Promethazine


According to AJC Atlanta— A man jumped over an Atlanta Rite Aid counter and filled his backpack with cough syrup. The employee said that the man watched her until she finished with her last customer then hopped over the counter and told her, “Don’t move and you won’t get hurt.”

He took 10 bottles of Promethazine cough syrup worth $137.96 and “walked out of the store calmly,” according to the report she gave the police.


For those who aren’t familiar, Promethazine is a codeine antihistamine that is the main ingredient used to make “lean” — a popular drug drink of choice for rappers. It can be used to treat everything from allergies to motion sickness. It is so potent that it is also used as a sedative before and after surgery and medical procedures.

When mixed with Sprite, the “drink” is highly addictive. Some rappers –such as Lil Boosie say they have stopped “sipping the drink,” mainly because of its painful and excruciating withdrawals. Withdrawal symptons can be likened to coming off of heroin.

According to Lil Boosie, due to today’s popularity of syrup, there is a heightened demand and pints of promethazine can go for as much as $5000.00 on the streets.

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