UK Man Must Check In With Police Before He Has Sex Says He Was ‘Made Homeless’

A man who must contact police 24 hours before having sex with a new partner said he is currently living rough in the woods.

According to Metro UK News: 

Despite being cleared of rape last month, John O’Neill said he was unable to claim unemployment benefit because he is subject to the Sexual Risk Order.

The 45-year-old, who has previously admitted to having an interest in sado-masochism and used to attend a Fifty Shades of Grey-style fetish club, claimed the order breached his human rights.

He is in court today to challenge the orders.

The single father of two, told BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme he is now camping in a tent in a wood near York.

He said: ‘I was homeless before for four years. I thought all this was behind me. To have to go back to it, it has been a bit of a shock.’

Due to the strict restrictions, the former IT consultant said he is unable to work or claim benefits.
Other conditions order him to hand over the PIN for his mobile phone to police, and not to use internet-connected devices which cannot be later checked by officers.

But today a court heard that O’Neill once told a nurse he needed women ‘to be scared or I don’t respond’.

Oliver Thorne, representing North Yorkshire Police, referred to a consultation O’Neill had with a community psychiatric nurse, Kevin Holmes.

‘He has been sexually violent to past girlfriends and he was not sure if they consented,’ Thorne, referring to the notes, said.

Holmes also recorded him as saying he saw a TV drama when he was a teenager which featured a prostitute being murdered and he was excited.

The hearing continues.

A sexual predator? Can’t really say I feel sorry for the guy. At ALL.

My only concern would be him being on the streets, potentially putting other women/children at risk. Jail wouldn’t be so bad as opposed to sleeping in a tent, would it? At least in the slammer he would get 3 hots & a cot and lots of male “attention” — serves him right. 

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