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From The Social Life

Born in the early 1980’s into a prodigious southern family, she lived a wholesome lifestyle in which religion, philanthropy and education were the main household cornerstones.

As an adolescent she enjoyed the socialite lifestyle – weekly “beauty shop” appointments, designer clothing and shoe labels, upscale dinner functions alongside the social elite and exclusive memberships into chic social organizations.

To The Lifestyle

Into her teenage years, the good girl values took a shift. She took a liking to the neighborhood bad boys and slowly drifted away from her once wholesome upbringing.

Barely 18, she would began to fall into the deep trappings of city life….. & the streets.
Addicted to the fast life, she was chasing money & the high rollers with the money were chasing her. High profile love affairs, luxury homes and cars, foreign vacays –she was living the ultimate glamorous highlife.

Rolling with the big boys was her new way of life.

She never fathomed that her high-priced lifestyle would come at a deadly price.

A price tag she couldn’t afford…

Mob-style murders, federal raids and international manhunts eventually replaced the stacks of “spending” money, cases of champagne & frequent boxes of glittery diamonds.

In the end she would lose it all.

Alone and fending for herself, she must make the biggest decision of a lifetime.

Will she continue on her devastating path to self destruction or will she garner the courage to walk away from the cruel vicious underworld …and the men it –for good?



From a Socialite to the Mob will take readers on suspenseful, emotional excursion into a young girl’s transformation from a young wholesome socialite into the arms of the underworld.

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