Take the Poll: Do Strangers Show More Love?

I ran across this tweet and wanted to see who all agrees? I hate to say it but I kind of actually kind of find this to be true. Sometimes relationships can get in the way of business or even our vision. Sometimes the ones closest to us can undermine or try and talk us out of our dreams.

In my opinion, (most cases) a stranger usually has no bias towards you and will support you strictly based on your talent and abilities. Not always the case but often. This is why networking is key. Whether you are aspiring or a professional. Meet new people. Align yourself with people who match what you want your future to look like.


      1. I’m still trying to figure that out. I feel like strangers are learning you instead of someone u who thinks they know u and what is best sometimes they are not always right.


  1. I own a family business & it works well for us but I can understand how things could get complicated. My husband and I have been working together for over 25 years so we have a nice little system in place. I will agree with your post that networking is key to a successful thriving business or career



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