Conversations with a 1972 Draft Dodging Millenial Troll

The TrumpMafia Twitter trolls are disgustingly relentless and should all be tied to the back of a 79′ Ford pickup bumper and dragged down a long Kentucky gravel back road one by one.

Being a CRIME based writer/blogger, my team or myself occasionally tweets and retweets relevant stories and news.

Insert this FAKE ASS photoshopped flea troll account who decided to respond to a reader’s retweet regarding “Fahrenheit 11/9” produced by Michael Moore – (in theaters now)

5am (Russian time) pirate bot @RUSH123456789 (who does not follow this blog and whom this blog does not follow) decided to SPAM hurling paradigmatic “libtard” insults. Libtard? Like really? 5 am? Loser.

Being a blogger & a podcaster, I typically embrace opposing opinions whether it be about my stance on crime, politics.. etc. but insults we don’t tolerate. Besides, we all know “RUSH” is short for RUSSIAN SPY BOT – but I digress.

Now let me explain something. I’m not your typical blogger. Blogging/writing is not my primary means of financial support so I can play this game loosely. I don’t tolerate bullying and harassment of any sort – online or off. If you attack me, I will attack back.

It’s really a shame that these peasant child molester bigot racist woman beater rapist supporters aka Twitter CONServatives have to use such deplorable and dishonorable strategies to try and spread their bullshit bureaucratic rhetoric. Clearly this is typical behavior for this spy clown as his last retweet was from “lilbulli1031” (LIL BULLY) another MAGA spy troll pirate account mocking Senator Gillibrand for supporting the #METOO campaign.

They love to pull bitchmade attack moves behind the screen on social media but when the insults are hurled in return, they cry victim and run to report pages.

Typical punk ass pussy, coward move.

What’s really odd is that I have never personally pledged allegiance to any particular political party yet was still subjected to the bullshit manure CONservative harassment tactics, simply because of a retweet. Aren’t you people supposed to be rich and classy? Yea thought not. What I do know is I won’t be going back and forth with none of you bitches. Period. Fuck ya.

To you troll pieces of garbage and @RUSH123456789 or whoever the fuck you are, I have 2 of the most enduring words that could ever be uttered from one human to another: FUCK YOU. I don’t do political jargon bitch.

Now if you would like to continue to bring your bullshit over to my site remember this, I have your IP address bitch.

Now carry on. We see you.

Go check out the new Micheal Moore movie and find out what all the fuss is really about.

Clearly the CONServatives are pressed but the big question is why? Why y’all so mad? Play with your kids. Don’t play with me, I didn’t make the movie, I just retweeted it bitch.



  1. That’s all these losers ever do is attack and then report same thing happened to me last year. Bums! Anyways keep kicking ass I will always be a reader!



  2. This loser got my account flagged and blocked for the exact same thing. He responded to me and a friend’s convo calling us liberal idiots and telling us to expand our minds just like he did you guys! What a loser!



  3. Straight troll. It’s gross but I’m glad you fought back more people will see this blog then twitter ! I bet he will think twice before he bullies again!



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