WATCH: Katt Williams Punches And Gets Manhandled By A Teen

Katt Williams is back in the news.

This week he is the butt of many jokes after a video surfaces online of him sucker punching, then getting manhandled, by a 7th grade teenager. 

Not real sure why Williams was in even the vicinity of a group of middle schoolers, but it didn’t end well (again) for the comedian after he (again) initiates a fight and loses.


According to various sites, it’s unclear what prompted the fight between the controversial comedian and the unidentified teen, whose friends refer to him as “Luke.”

The video starts with the two opponents in each other’s faces, before Williams abruptly sucker punches the teen. The teen subsequently wrestles Williams to the ground and puts him in a choke hold until his friends convince him to let go of the comedian.

As The Pen Hustler reported, Williams has been involved in numerous similar incidents lately. Just last month, the comedian attacked a man at a concert in Philadelphia, and was then beaten by a group of the man’s friends, one of whom stomped the comedian out.

And earlier this year, Williams was arrested in Georgia for punching a pool store employee. Shortly before that, he was accused by five women of holding them up at gun point and stealing their cell phones.

Watch Williams’ latest shocking altercation in the video below.


Check this article out of an interview with the young man, Luke, who chocked up Katt Williams . ‘He sucker punched me so I did what I did’: Seventh grader who beat up Katt Williams says the comedian sucker-punched him after a game of soccer.

According to Williams’ lawyer he was in the projects to play soccer with the local kids, (?) provide encouragement and hand out money when he was continuously provoked by the 17 year old. Other videos of the incident have surfaced online that show before and after moments of the sucker punch in which Williams’ lawyer says proves the comedian was provoked. As of now no charges are expected to be filed.

Either way, Katt needs to cool his heels for a while. Just be rich and chill! 


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