Katt Williams Adresses Getting Jumped In Philly


Funny man headline comedian Katt Williams has been headlining the news lately and not for his comedic routines. 

Sunday night he attacked a random man at a Philly concert and was jumped by an angry mob of the man’s homies. 

There were allegations of Williams being robbed for his jewels during the onstage beat down. Williams doesn’t dispute the shuffle happened (there’s evidence) however he disputes the jacking allegations.

In the following YouTube, Katt Williams responds to the “haters” and quotes Jay Z’s verse on the song “N*ggaz in Paris” – “What’s 50 grand to a m*thafucker like me – could you please remind me?” He then goes on to flash his big face Rolex watch and “$50k diamond earrings” – $25k each. 

He insists he couldn’t have been beaten & robbed too badly by the Philly goons and still walk away the same way he came in. A pimp.

I gotta admit Katt Williams is a funny guy! But in all seriousness, where was his security


Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel has since taken to his Instagram to defend the comedian and denounce the club’s security. 

He says Katt Williams is NOT on any strange drugs and vows to NEVER perform another show in Philly.

I came there with my family only no goons or so called friends. my wife my mother brother sisters and my 65 year old uncle who never saw me perform before. so for the level of disrespect that was shown to me my family and KATT I will never I mean NEVER do a show in Philadelphia again!!!!.”

Check out Katt’s response:


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