Comedian Katt Williams Jumped In Philadelphia 

Somebody has got to come and get Katt Williams! The guy is on one for sure! 

The diminutive sized comedian was in Philly on Sunday night to celebrate and perform at rapper Beanie Siegel’s birthday concert when things went down. (No pun intended)

In videos recorded by random partygoers, Katt Williams appears to do some type of kung fu style karate warm-up moves before he dives and attacks some unassuming guy on stage with him. As of yet nobody knows exactly why he went on the attack, but things didn’t end well for him. The result is chaos. 

By the end of the melee Katt Williams is face down on the floor while a gang of guys appear to kick and stomp him out.

SMH! Then this happened:

Do you think Katt Williams is on drugs or does he have mental issues? Or both? 



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