ISIS The Main Focus Of World Leaders At The G20 Summit


President Barack Obama speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin during 2015 G20 summit in Turkey. Photograph by Cem Oksuz — Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Via Fortune– Various world leaders met this weekend at the G20 summit in Turkey. The two-day summit is generally a time to discuss economics, but as it convened just two days following the terrorist attacks in Paris, it became an opportunity to discuss the evolving global threat that is the Islamic State.

President Obama declared that he would increase efforts towards eradicating ISIS to prevent more attacks similar to the one that occurred in Paris on Friday, Reuters reports: “The United States and its allies will redouble efforts to find a peaceful solution in Syria and prevent Islamic State militants from perpetrating attacks like those in Paris.”

Reuters writes that U.S. officials are expecting France to up its involvement in the U.S.-led coalition’s bombing campaign against the Islamic State. Obama is taking this opportunity to attempt to encourage other European and Middle Eastern powers to do the same.

Russia began air strikes in Syria nearly two months ago, but has been aiding president Bashar al-Assad, whom Turkey and western allies do not support, by targeting his moderate Syrian opposition. Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, has urged Vladimir Putin to shift Russia’s military efforts to focus on ISIS.

According to a draft communique, as seen by Reuters, leaders at the summit are expected to agree that the migrant crisis is a global problem and they need to coordinate a way to tackle it. 

The draft is due to be published on Monday, but has yet to be accepted by all the G20 leaders, specifically China, India, and Russia.

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