WATCH: A Brinks Truck Door Flies Open And Makes It Rain On Motorists On A Texas Freeway


Imagine you’re minding your business riding and all of a sudden it starts raining…. money.

This wishful scenario happened to quite a few lucky dumbstruck motorists down in Texas when a Brinks money truck’s door flew open as it was traveling at highway speed down Interstate 20. The “money rain” created pure chaos and multiple fender benders on I-20 as motorists when into sheer pandemonium trying to “get to the money”.

Surprisingly, the truck rode for 7 miles leaving behind a trail of nothing but cold hard c-a-s-h.

Remind me to get behind Brinks on the highway

Via Cox Media Group National Content Desk:

At first, Joel Aldridge though the sudden reduction in speed on Interstate 20 in Texas was due to an accident.

But then he saw people stopping their cars and rushing to the side of the road. When a man passed by him with two handfuls of cash, Aldridge began filming the chaotic scene.

According to a statement from the Weatherford Police Department, the door of a Brinks Armored truck flew open while it was traveling on the highway.

A “substantial” amount of cash was lost over a 7-mile stretch of I-20.

Police officials want to remind everyone that “finders keepers” does not apply in this case.

According to the police statement, “Weatherford Police will investigate and potentially prosecute any individual that has picked up any of the loose money and not returned it to either Brinks or the Police Department.”

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