Former Prime Minister Of Jamaica Testifies About His Dealings With Druglord Dudus Coke

bruce-and-dudusFormer Prime Minister Bruce Golding testified yesterday morning that he personally knew Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke and had spoken with him on several occasions.

He says the last time he communicated with him was in December, 2007, when the Jamaica Constabulary Force told him that it was concerned about the presence of members of the St. James-based Stone Crusher Gang in Tivoli.

He said he surmised the police were apprehensive about going after the men in Tivoli, fearing the outcome of an operation. Mr. Golding said he sent a messenger to Coke, who sent back a message that there were no such persons in the community.

According to the former prime minister, the police insisted that their intelligence suggested suspects were in the area and carried out an operation in the area in January 2008 but the prime targets were not captured.

He said the circumstances affected his relationship with Coke.

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